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July 21, 2016Olympic National Park, Port Angeles, United States. Today I died and went to heaven …. ❤️

Liz asks us what we’d like to do so she can plan out our final two days in the North Pacific.

There’s this spot in the Northwest that is known as the end of the earth, the last, last spot in the United States where the sun sets at the end of each day. It’s called Cape Alava and it is situated in Olympic National Park and the Ozette Indian Reservation near the Pacific Ocean. After my trip to Eastern Maine, where I stood on the spot where the sun rises for the first time in the U.S. I could not hold back my excitement at the thought of being on the other side of the country to watch the day end and the sun circling back as I end my trip.


As I wait for the sunset hour, I stand on this spot and look out trying to see past the fog. All I can see are twinkling lights on the other side, and then I realize that I am standing on the Canadian border, watching the lights on the other side go on in people’s homes as the day comes to an end.


And then there was this. ❤️

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