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Latinos in Victoria?


July 20, 2016 — The day of our visit there is a local festival going on in the Inner Harbour. We are told that local musicians are invited to set up and perform at various locations in the area.


Local art is displayed and artists set up booths where they offer their art for sale.


As I make my way through the area, I suddenly hear Spanish being spoken! When I turn to see where it’s coming from, I spot this local vendor (below) and I walk over to him.


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As we head back at the end of the day, we enter a processing terminal where we have to show our passports before we cross the border back to the U.S. I snap these pictures of people checking in with the Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents as we wait in line. Everyone is pleasant and no one is hassled … except me! After snapping three of these photos, I hear a voice behind me and an agent reaches over to ask me to turn off my camera.

“No photos, ma’am. That’s not allowed.”

The hairs on my arm stand straight up and my first instincts are filled with fear and I don’t say a word. I had witnessed too many people back in the Texas-México border being detained or pulled aside for what appeared to be innocent, unknowing actions or comments. Nope, I was not going to find myself being held here at the Northern border. Camera off, mouth shut, eyes down.

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